Random Photos 5/14/2017: Deep River Blues

Paluxy River 1998

Paluxy River, Glen Rose, TX. 1998

“The full weight and mystery of your art rests upon your relationship to your subject matter” – Keith Carter

Rivers have always been a central theme in my life. My father grew up on the Brazos River in Granbury, Texas. We spent many weekends fishing, hunting and camping along its banks. There weren’t many fences even then and a person could roam the countryside for hours and not see another soul. I also spent a good deal of my teenage years living within walking distance of the Brazos and spent many summers exploring the river bottoms, catching minnows…….and catfish. If you haven’t had catfish caught straight out of the river and cooked fresh right on the river bank, preferably in an iron skillet, then you haven’t had good catfish!

The Paluxy River is a tributary of the Brazos and this image was made in Dinosaur Valley State Park not far from the confluence of the two waterways, or from where I lived as a teenager for that matter. I was using Kodak HIE Infrared film for this image of a boy and what I assume is his mother walking along the bank of the Paluxy. His mother’s shadow I should say, as she is not yet in the frame in this image. It was a perfect circumstance, and it reminded me of so many things from my own childhood as I sat perched on the cliff that overlooked the bank watching them explore.

There is an excellent book called Goodbye to a River by John Graves which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the history of the Brazos, especially in and around Palo Pinto County.

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